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Mountain View Sound and Video started as Ron's Audio Video in 1985.

I am Ron Weber. I have always loved Audio and Video systems. I remember as a boy helping replace tubes in my Dad's radios. My passion is showing others how to get enjoyment from what seems to be a vague science. Technology is engrained in every aspect of our lives and I have made a career of studying it and leveraging it.

In the mid-eighties...a hobby grew into a budding business, installing stereo equipment in cars, boats, and RVs. Through the years, Ron's Audio/Video evolved into a professional audio and video design and consulting business for residential and commercial clients. Our list of projects ranges from the simple to the most complex systems in homes, offices, restaurants, outdoor venues, luxury motorhomes, speedboats, yachts, aircraft, and special application electronics systems. After relocating to North Carolina, I decided to relaunch my favorite pastime as Mountain View Sound and Video.

As the salesman, designer, and installer, I have had an immeasurable amount of experience (since 1985) working with a wide range of audio and video applications. This experience combined with an engineering degree in electronics and two additional degrees in business has helped me excel as one of the premier and most trusted voices in the ever changing and complicated field of HDTV and Surround Sound systems.

My experience also includes a ten year position at what roller coaster enthusiasts call “The greatest amusement park on earth!”, Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. There I perfected my skills in audio and video systems and broadened my spectrum of technical expertise to large scale communications, information systems, and integration. Professional equipment and its technical requirements gave me in depth experience with broadcast video, digital video imaging, digital sound, acoustic theory, and application of technical measurement.

Today, I enjoy bringing technology home to my clients. Most recently, I have concentrated on new construction residential home theater systems, hi-end audio and video components, and multi-room sound distribution systems. We cover the projects from blueprint to move-in day with great detail and consideration. For example; we provide in-home personalized instruction on how to use your new system and technical assistance over the phone as needed at No Cost! We pay careful attention to every aspect of the finished product that you will share with your family and friends for years to come. Our expectations exceed our customer's concept of a great system so the end result is a very impressed and satisfied customer.

WiFi systems run our homes and businesses now. Wireless sound systems can be installed without running wires. This eliminates the costly fee of structured cabling and prewiring of your home. Wireless systems can easily be added to a new home after the home has been completed. Imagine, now you can have digital quality sound in every room and be able to control it wherever you go. Get today's wireless flexibility unheard of in standard stereo systems. Watch streaming video from mobile devices in any room, listen to your music library on demand. Change between multiple sources remotely, or just lower the volume of your system with a touch screen remote control in hand or by a mobile device or smartphone. All of these scenarios are more affordable than you might think. Many solutions today are free, you just need someone that can teach you how to use it! Better yet, this technology is easy to use, reliable, adds value to your home, and provides entertainment for your family.

Today LED displays are the standard for audio and video systems today. 4K and 8K are becoming the new standards for Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs. The clarity and presence of an LED screen is only appreciated by seeing one in action! We offer top level models from all major manufacturers and provide private courier delivery to your door.

We have also developed custom furniture as well worked with the leading cabinet craftsmen. Whether it is a piece of custom furniture that houses an entire high end A/V system or just providing measurements and design help to house your equipment out of site, we cover it all.

We offer only the best in home entertainment, commercial AV, and House of Worship systems and always provide a personal level of service to meet all of your home entertainment desires.

When you want a professional and only the best will do, give me a call!

Ron Weber

Mountain View Sound and Video

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